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Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty Greasable Front 1350 CV Driveshaft - JK

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Part Number: JK-1350F-G
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Application: 2007 to 2018 Jeep JK Wrangler's 2 or 4 Door Models up to a 4" Lift. These driveshafts are custom made so if you have altered the front or rear differentials, or transfer case's example [Dyna track housings, Spicer Ultimate 60's or Atlas Transfer cases] we can accommodate you. We will just need to know this Information and may have to have you get us a measurement.

This Heavy Duty Greasable 1350 CV Driveshaft will work up to 40" Tall Tires. Bigger tires adds more Weight, Traction, and more Pressure on your Drivetrain Components like your Driveshafts, Axles, Gears, Etc so if you plan on Beating the Hell out of the Jeep then Our Severe Duty 1350 Series with Solid U-joints are the Strongest Made and your best bet.

-Strength: Solid u-joints are NOT cross drilled (hollow in the middle), so they are much stronger than greasables.
-Reliability/Dependability: Greasable u-joints are not completely sealed, so contaminants from elements (water, dirt, etc) can get into the u-joint and significantly reduce its life.
-Balancing: Solid u-joints require less weights to balance due to the tighter tolerances when being manufactured.

This Item will include the following parts:

  • [1] 1350 Greasable U-joint 2" X .120 Wall Rock Crawler CV Driveshaft. Lifetime Warranty if you twist our Tube or break a Welds.
  • [1] 1350 Front Transfer Case Output Shaft Yoke.
  • [1] 1350 Front Dana 44 Pinion Yoke.
  • [1] Set of Grade 10 CV Bolts. There are four bolts with small heads so they are easier to install.
  • [1] Set of 1350 U-Bolts.

Driveshaft comes painted Gloss Black Show Quality.

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