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Artec Industires 1 Ton 14 Bolt Rear Disc Brake/ABS Conversion Kit

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Part Number: BB1420
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The Artec Industries Rear 14 bolt Disc Brake and ABS ConversionKit has been designed to provide your vehicle with modern day design that is more efficient, and will provide better braking for your vehicle when using larger wheels and tires.

This kit is intended for use with a newer style 14 bolt axle with ribbing on the casting, and uses drum brakes from the factory, and has a WMS-WMS measurement of 68" or greater. It is not recommended or intended for factory disc brake 14 bolt axles.

Here are more additional features:

Heavy Duty 3/8" thick mild steel brake brackets to improve braking.
Precision CNC cut and threaded.
Brake brackets include CNC threaded mounting blocks for ABS sensors, providing precise spacing off the tone ring.
1/4" thick CNC laser cut press on tone rings. These will require machining of 14 bolt hub to perform correctly.
16 gauge CNC laser cut and CNC bent tone ring mud guard to keep mud and debris from interfering with ABS components. The mud guard is spaced enough to allow dirt and muf to flow out of it enters.
Includes brackets, ABS sensor spacer, tone rings, and mud gaurds for both sides.
Grade 8 hardware will be provided.
Employs hat-style rotors rather than hub press-on rotors for simple maintenance and installation.

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