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Artec Industries 14-Bolt Backbone Truss

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Artec Industries 14-Bolt Backbone Truss adds tremendous reinforcement to the entire axle and does so in both the forward and backwards directions. Those who take their vehicles out on the road at high speeds will find this truss a great help thanks to the protection it provides against obstacles on the road. Made with a special triangle shape, boxy edges are not forced to be dragged over rocks. The structural rigidity is boosted, which further adds layers of protection.

The truss is sizable in length and covers the entire axle from one brake flange to another ensuring the total reinforcement of the axle tubes. Intended for 68inch WMS axles, but narrower axles can be accommodated with trimming. The center section is removable and minor trimming allows it to fit any differential cover with a little basic welding.

The engineering of the truss is highlighted by the ability of the internal gussets to handle all the load while internal nuts and a button head bolt hold things together. 8 pressed in captured nuts and 8 button head nuts are included in the kit.

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