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Artec Industries 8.8 Swap OEM Shock Mounts

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Part Number: TJ8804
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Artec Industries 8.8 Swap OEM Shock Mounts are identical to the ones found in the top-selling TJ 8.8 swap kit and are intended to replace the parts with the model numbers TR8801-P and TR8801-Q. This particular kit comes with both but driver and passenger side shock mounts, but be aware they are only in the OEM positions.

The style of the bracket really does make these mounts look special. The appearance is custom-like and mimics what a customer would expect from a high-end, costly shop.

The 1.375inch mounting width with 1/2inch bolt hole is intended for standard shocks and the cut is intended for 3.25inch diameter axle tubes, although simple alterations may expand its use.

Made from steel for boosted durability.

The unit DOES NOT include the entire swap kit so additional purchases may be required.

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