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Artec Industries Bellypan Armor Kit - JK 4dr 2012+

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Rumbling along the back roads and trails can lead to serious issues for the underside of your vehicle if you are not careful. For the latest in protection, off road enthusiasts are ordering the Artec Industries Belly pan Armor Kit, which is designed to provide full protection to your vehicle's undercarriage. Artec Industries based their innovative design directly from the CAD files from the manufacturer, and the close attention to detail is noticeable in every aspect of this Belly Pan Armor Kit as the kit is a spot-on match for factory specification.

Manufactured from ¼" thick aluminum, and 3/16" zinc-plated steel, and precisely cut and formed from a CNC, Artec Under Armor delivers rugged protection without a lot of weight to slow you down from your adventures.

  • Bolts countersunk for maximum smoothness
  • Nuts pressed into steel brackets for easy removal
  • Advanced modular design allows for easy servicing
  • Protects all critical automotive parts and systems
  • Clearance near rear drive yolk shaft to prevent rubbing

Made with custom rolled dies for the maximum strength and laser cut for a distinctive look, the Artec Industries Bellypan Armor Kit delivers as no other body armor can in the protection of your undercarriage.

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