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Artec Industries Bellypan Kit - JK

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The NEW JK UNDER ARMOR from Artec Industries was designed so as to give the Jeep JK Wrangler full protection underneath the vehicle. To design it the CAD files were used. The pan skid plate usually makes sure that the factory components fit perfectly. It is made from ¼ inch thick 6061 aluminium and 3/16 inch Zinc plated steel and it has been CNC cut and formed. This kit offers a strong as well as a lightweight solution for the Jeep JK that is heavy. It has been CNC laser cut and CN formed using custom rolled dies that offer high strength and also give it a unique look. All the bolts under the skid plate have been countersunk so that it offers a smooth bottom. All the nuts have been pressed into the steel brackets so that it offers easy and one tool removal. The modular design usually allows one to take off one section when you want to service your vehicle. The plate usually protects the oil pan, the transmission pan, the gas tank as well as the front exhaust. The gas tank needs not to be removed since it is bolted in place. The system usually works great with the Artec JK Heavy Duty Crossmembers. You will need to trim the factory gas tank skid plate.

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