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Artec Industries Control Arm Brackets w/Skids Rear Lower - JK

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Part Number: JK4427
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With these heavy duty brackets, you can eliminate all your worries about the ripping of your factory brackets. The features below differentiate the heavy duty brackets from the rest in the market;

  • It has factory control arm bushing and a 2.625 inch mounting width that can fit most common cartridge joints.
  • An integrated skid plate that comes from the bottom of the bracket, the joint is wrapped in the skid plate so it is protected from direct impact and it also decreases the chances of premature wear and tear of the joint. Because of this the joint has a longer life and fewer replacements throughout its life. It is also designed in a way that it does not restrict the movement of the joint.
  • To reduce the chances of the bracket getting ripped off, the bracket is wrapped around the axle tube so it provides an additional surface area for welding.
  • A quarter inch thick boxed steel plate is used so as to add to it strength and also reduce the impact resistance.
  • The shock mounts are at the height of those from the factory. This is a great feature since it offers easier direct replacement. It also does not limit travel.

What to note

The factory bracket will be removed and the new one welded onto the axle. The welding should be done by an expert. The company is not liable for wrong installation.

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