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Artec Industries Dana 30 Axle Armor Kit Front - JK

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This heavy and light weight duties truss system comes with a great design that is perfectly built to give the ultimate reinforcement on your Dana 30 axle. It is also well built to handle serious weight and use in many environments. The truss possesses a ¼" thick truss top and 10Ga. gusseting that incorporates a very unique design for strengthened support on both axle tubes. This is a unique feature not found in other common designs. The precision-cut and formed components of this set-up guarantee you a hassle-free installation.

The various features of the kit include;

  • 1/4'" and 10 gauge (.130") mild steel with precision CNC cut and bent for great fitment and installation
  • Low profile truss to allow for easy clearance above the axle
  • Truss spanning the length of long side AND short side
  • Truss is reinforced using interlocked 10 gauge thick gussets for maximum strength and easy assembly.

In Overall, the design of the system means your axle is stronger, easier to fit into any auto, sleek, and least likely to interfere with any other of your vehicles components.

It is important to note;

  • This kit is intended for autos with at least minor lifts. If using without lift, check for clearances before installation
  • The kit requires general welding and fabrication skills; especially welding to the cast center section
  • Some grinding and fitment may be needed when installing this kit as every kit varies slightly from the other and fabrication may be required.

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