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Artec Industries Dana 30 Front Axle Truss w/Currie Johnny Joints

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Despite the fact that it is a lightweight truss system it is also heavy and it has been designed to take abuse and to reinforce the front axle. It has a 1/4inch thick truss top and a gusseting that incorporates a unique design so it can strengthen both axles and not just the long tube. It has precision cut and formed components to ensure installation is hassle free. You not only get the truss but you also get a complete polyurethane bushing replacement on your upper control arms or an upgrade to Currie Johnny Joints.

It is only the truss no bushings, joints or keyed tabs are included. The Key hole slots at the top of the truss where the keyed tabs go are filled with weld. This is the case if you are not connecting the passenger side UCA or if you are not re using the factory bracket. The Currie Johnny Joints have 2.0 inch press in machined Johnny Joint and 2.0 inch weldable Johnny joints and also two keyed tab for the passenger side. Both have greasable joints.

The truss is low profile so it allows clearance above the axle. The truss is reinforced using interlocking 10 gauge thick gussets that give it maximum strength and easy assembly. The low profile design means that the axle is stronger, more sleek and can easily fit onto any vehicle.

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