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Artec Industries Dana 30 Front Axle Truss w/Daystar Bushings

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Part Number: TJ3002
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Reinforce a 30 Low Pinion (Wrangler TJ/LJ) or a 44 Low Pinion (Rubicon Wrangler LJ) front axle with a truss system that is both heavy duty in construction and amazingly light in weight. A brilliant and innovative design when into crafting a 1/4inch thick truss top with 10 guage mild steel gusseting, and this led to a system that strengthens not just the long tube, but both axle tubes. Do not worry about any complicated installation steps. The components have been meticulously formed to support perfect installation with a minimal amount of effort. (Granted, the installation should still be performed with great care) The truss stands out thanks to the amazing precision CNC cut and proper bent intended to support the best possible fitment.

Another interesting feature to the truss is the low profile. The low profile supports better clearance above the axle.

Note: Only use this truss when NOT connecting the passenger side UCA or when reusing a factory bracket. The unit comes with the truss and the truss only. Keyed tabs, joints, and bushings are not included with a purchase so some additional purchasing may be necessary. Upon acquiring the keyed tabs, be sure to place them in the appropriate key hole slots at the top of the trusts. These key hole slots do have to be filled with weld.

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