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Artec Industries Dana 44 Modular Rear Truss

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Artec Industries is excited to announce the NEWMODULAR Dana44 Rear AxleTruss for Jeep Wagoneer axles. This heavy duty truss system is designed to take serious abuse and reinforce your entire axle while also providing a flat surface to mount your upper links.The 1/4" thick truss top incorporates aunique design to strengthen both the axle and provide a low profilelink mounting surface. The base truss itself spans about 32.5 inches across the center of your axle. It can be used by itself or added to with either coil springs mounts or leaf spring mounts for a YJ Jeep Wrangler.
The Jeep Wagoneer Rear Dana 44 has about 18 inches of axle tube on the driver side and about 20 inches of passenger side axle tube. The axle tube diameter is 2.75 inches. Other Dana 44's will measure differently and have differing axle tube diameters. Please ensure your axle meets these dimensions prior to ordering.

Features include:

  • 1/4" thick mild steel truss. Precision CNC cut and bent for great fitment.*

  • Truss is low profile allowinglink joints to be mountedwith ideal geometry - about 8 inches from the axle centerline.

  • Truss spans entire length of axlewith optional perchesfor complete reinforcement of the axle tubes - not just for mounting links.

  • Truss is reinforced using interlocked 1/4 thick gussets for maximum strength and easy assembly.

  • Overall low profile design means your axle is stronger, sleaker, easier to fit into any vehicle, and less likely to interfere with vehicle components.

NOTE: This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.
*Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this kit. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required. May require minor brake line relocation to fit.

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