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Artec Industries Dana 60 Front Truss

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For drivers looking for upgrades to replace flimsy factory OEM products, Artec Industries has the perfect steel front truss designed with hardcore off-road driving in mind. The Ford Dana 60 Front Truss is custom fit for vehicles from 1985 to 1991. The steel truss is sturdy enough to give support to the whole axle area while giving drivers extra space for mounting upper links.

Features include

The Ford Dana 60 Front Axle Truss is a 3/8 inch thick steel top with 1/4 inch wide steel gussets that are CNC laser cut and bent to ensure a proper fit. They also have a supportive design for the link mounting area and the axle area. The steel truss top is a low version that leaves room for the mounting of the link joint mounting. The geometry is optimal to help leave about 8" of space from the center line of the axle.

There is ample room with the truss which utilizes 1/4 inch wide guessets, as it extends the length of the axle to help offer additional support to the tubes of the axles. This is in addition to the link mounting option. Due to its low profile, this helps ensure the axle is stable and stronger and won't interfere with other vehicle parts.

NOTE: This kit will require welding and fabricating to fit. Please use a competent welder as there are no guarantees on installation issues and improper fit. Grinding may be required with the kit as axles vary slightly from one vehicle to the next.

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