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Artec Industries Dana 60 Swap Kit w/3-Link Kit

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The Artec Industries is pleased to announce the JK ONE TON Axle Swap Kit for all the front 60 axles. The truss and bracket system is heavy duty and was designed so it can take serous abuse and also reinforce the entire axle all while it provides factory link, spring, anti-sway bar and shock locations. The quarter inch thick truss usually incorporates a very unique design so as to strengthen the axle and it also incorporates the link brackets to offer easy installation and add strength as well. Hours of trial and error have been eliminated just by incorporating the link mounts into the truss when it is compared to other systems. All one has to do is to tack weld the truss together and then place it on the axle and all the other brackets fit in place just where they should be. This version includes a single Adjustable Truss Upper Link Mount that is used with Heims in a three link system suspension.The quarter inch thick mild steel truss and the brackets are to offer much strength when compared to the factory bracket as well as some other aftermarket brackets. To ensure perfect they fit perfectly they are precision CNC cut and bent. It includes all the brackets necessary to offer complete axle swap that include the upper and lower control arm mounts, the shock mounts, anti-sway bar mounts and the trac bar mount. The system saves you hours that could have otherwise been used for installation. The brackets are jigged into truss and set in exact position automatically. All the other brackets usually need to be lined up to the truss no guessing or measuring is requires. You can easily upgrade for future link geometry changes.

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