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Artec Industries Ford 8.8 Modular Truss

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When you are in need of a more versatile and strong axle truss, you can do no better than the Artec Industries 8.8 Modular Truss. this is by far and away the perfect axle for that swap you have been looking to do. This is the best and most versatile truss option for your Ford Explorer 8.8 axle. It is an incredibly heavy duty truss system. The Artec Industries 8.8 Modular Truss is ready to take a large amount of abuse from daily travels and rough terrain, and will also reinforce your axle. You also get the added benefit of having a flat surface on which to mount your upper links. This truss is 1/4 inch thick and has a unique design that will strengthen your axle and your link mounting surface.

Artec Industries also offers high clearance shock mounts as well that can help even more. This ensures that the lower shock mounts can be placed behind or in front of the axle. Additionally, you can place the shock mounts at the lowest possible mounting position while maintaining the optimum ground clearance.

Your new truss also has a bridge to tie into a flange off of the axle's pinion. The bridge is built to be trimmed so that it will fit no matter what pinion you decide to set for the top of your truss. Tying your bridge into the pinion will reinforce your whole truss's strength.

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