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Artec Industries Front Axle Truss For Rock Krawler 3 Link - JK

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Re-Write: Artec Industries Dana 44 Axle Armor Kit Front

This heavy and light weight duty truss system with an Armor Kit Front has been designed to reinforce and strengthen your front Dana 44 axle, giving it the ultimate power to withstand heavy use and survive for long. The ¼" thick truss top and 10Ga. gusseting boasts of a unique design that aims at strengthening both axle tubes, not just the long tube as is commonly found in other designs out there. The precision-cut and formed components of this set-up ensure you have a hassle-free installation.

The features of the truss include;

  • ¼' and 10 gauge (.130') mild; steel with precision CNC cut and bent for perfect fitment
  • Truss is low profile to allow clearance above the axle
  • Truss spans the length of long side AND short side
  • The truss is reinforced using interlocked 10 gauge thick gussets for maximum strength and easy assembly

In general, the axle system is designed to be ultimately stronger, sleek, easier to fit or install, and less likely to interfere with other vehicle components.

It is important to note that;

  • The kit is designed and intended for vehicles with at least minor lifts. If you are using with no lift, check clearances before installation.
  • The kit requires general welding and fabrication skills; including welding to the cast center section.
  • Some grinding and fitment may also be required when installing this kit. Each and every axle varies slightly from the other and therefore some fabrication may be required.

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