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Artec Industries Front Lower Control Arm Brackets

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Part Number: JK4412
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Never worry about damaged factory parts ever again. The availability of Artec Industries Front Lower Control Arm Brackets reveals the perfect replacements for originals that were bent or otherwise ruined. These Artec Industries brackets are extremely strong and can handle a lot of use. Fear about further problems with brackets in the future may be put to rest.

The brackets are absolutely not pure duplicates of the original ones sold by the factory. Improvements and added features allow the brackets to display advancements vehicle owners (and their vehicles) are going to appreciate. The competition won't be able to supply brackets that come anywhere near close to the quality of these ones.

The design of the lower arm brackets is a marvel. The 2.625inch mounting width fits a large number of cartridge joints and control arm bushings found on numerous different vehicles. The parts are built with special protective components as well. The skid plate located at the bottom of brackets wraps surround the joint which, in turn, minimizes direct impact and cuts down on wear and tear.

The possibility of the bracket outright ripping off is minimized since this bracket wraps around the entire axel tube supporting more weld surface area. The factory version simply does not do this, which is a deficiency eliminated with this new replacement part. The steel construction further supports strength, durability, and confidence.

Finally, the uniqueness of the design adds to the visuals - a nice decorative plus!

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