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Artec Industries HD Crossmember with Link Mounts - JK

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Part Number: JK2004
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Artec Industries Heavy Duty Crossmember has been designed to deliver greater protection and performance underneath your vehicle that is far from what ordinary factory sheet-mal can do. Designed with CAD files obtained directly from the manufacturer, this HD crossmember ensures that you receive a great fit with factory components.

The artec crossmember is made from ¼' thick steel and also CNC-cut and formed to ensure it provides great strength for heavy duty activities. It also enables you to mount long lower arms for greater flexibility and stability.

The crossmember's salient features include;

  • ¼ inch thick steel for strength and withstanding of tough situations
  • Designed from factory CAD files for great and precise fit
  • CNC laser cuter and formed for precision
  • Pre-welded to ensure installation is quick and easy
  • All nuts are pressed into steel brackets for easy removal
  • Not painted so that you can easily customize and render some touch-up when it scratches
  • Long arm version with lower link mounts

Note that; new skid plate hardware is shipped with this crossmember. Extra wide washers may also be necessary with use of factory skid plates

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