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Artec Industries Inner Frame Bracket Front Driver

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Part Number: BR1039
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Choose 25, 10DEG angle or 0 DEG (STRAIGHT). SIDE IS BASED ON FRONT APPLICATION (ie Front Driver).
  • One inch separation between each hole for adjustability.
  • Floating top gusset allows any height frame.
  • Frame plate add strength and a surface to weld bracket to with jigs for easy assembly.
  • 2.625" mounting width with 9/16" bolt hole for common sized Cartridge Joints (Johnny, Flex, Ballistic, etc). Can be drilled out to larger hole size for 1.25" rod ends with spacers. Can be easily modified for smaller joints
  • Made from 1/4" thick boxed steel plate for strength and impact resistance.
  • Grease fitting access on top to allow easy maintenance of your most abused joint.
  • Skid plate of bottom of bracket wraps around joint protecting it from direct impact and decreases premature wear on the joint. This leads to longer life and less replacements. Skid plate design does not restrict movement of joint.
  • The STYLE of the bracket gives a unique, custom one-off look you'd get with a high dollar fabrication shop. No more brackets that look like modified pieces of angle iron or c-channel, but rather formed pieces of artwork to show off.

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