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Artec Industries Large 4-link Xmember Bracket

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With the Artec Large 4-Link Xmember Bracket, this will allow for triangulated lower links meeting at a 1.75 inch OD tube or a 2.0 inch square tube cross member. It's the perfect bracket for larger joints that have a 2.625 inch mounting width. Keep in mind when you're using brackets lower links get a lot of abuse from obstacles that can drag on or near them. This lower plate bracket cover won't allow rocks or other debris to directly hit the joint. That way you don't have to worry about a breaking joint and this can lead to a prolonged joint life! Need to grease your joints? That's no problem. With this special design, there's enough room made for a grease zerk to help maintain the life of your joints.


  • The Xmember bracket is designed for lower links that are triangulated and meet at a 1.75 inch OD tube or at a 2.0 inch sqaure tube cross member in between the frame rails
  • Use the Xmember bracket with larger joints having a 2.625 inch mounting width
  • This can include but may not be restricted to 1.25 inch heims rod ends that have misalignment spacers, and also cartridge style joints (rebuildable versions) that have a 2.5 inch or 2.625 inch width. For example, Flex, Ballistic, and Johnny
  • The hole measurement is 9/16 inch and it can be drilled to accommodate larger sizes
  • The angles have been set with each one at approximately 22 degrees for a total of 44 degrees. This allows for them to be used with lower link axle brackets that are angled
  • The Xmember bracket is made of .250 inch steel and includes 6 (unwelded) pieces that fit together to assist in semblance. Please use heavy wall 1.75 inch tube for the cross member to increase strength.

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