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Artec Industries Lower Link Axle Brackets

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With the Artec Industries Lower Link Axle Bracket Pair, you can effectively secure the lower section of your control arm joints while at the same time offering them protection against damage. These brackets offer exceptional access to grease fittings and bottom protection of joints on the lower link brackets. The designs of these brackets make them look like they were factory designed to fit into your vehicle from the beginning, rather than just a piece of metal strapped on later.

Features of the bracket pair include;

  • 2.625" mounting width with 9/16 inch bolt holes for common sized cartridge joints such as Johnny, Flex, and Ballistic among more. The holes can however be drilled out to larger holes for 1.25" rod ends with spacers
  • Created from 1/4" thick boxed steel plate for optimal strength and great impact resistance
  • Grease fitting access on top that allows you to undertake easy lubrication maintenance on the most abused joints
  • Skid plate of the bottom bracket that wraps around the joint protecting it from extensive direct impact and reduces the chances of premature wear on the joint. This greatly increases the durability and need for replacements
  • The skid plate design does not restrict movement of the joint.

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