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Artec Industries Racing Quart Crate

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Do you hate having oil bottles bouncing around at the back of your car, suv, truck or boat? Then Quart Crate is the solution. It neatly and securely organizes the extra automotive fluids in your car. It is a great fit for the back of your car, behind the bench sit or anywhere else you want to put it and stay out of the way.

The Quart Crate has been constructed from high quality 16 gauge steel and it ensures your oil, power steering fluid and your brake fluid remains secure. The Quart Crate is a light weight that you can even carry in your hands and it does not weigh your car down.

To give you a snug fit it is CNC precision cut and bent. On one side it has a clip in style hinge and has a simple locking latch for quick easy one handed retrieval. It fits all standard quart container and Mobil shaped products. It can comfortably fit standard brake fluid bottles, and anti freeze. You are not to use it with large 5+ quart bottles of oil. Because bottles vary in both sizes and shapes not all the combination of bottles can comfortably fit. Using tools like the drill you can hard mount it to your vehicle. Note that the bottles are not included.

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