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Artec Industries Rear Long Arm Frame Bracket - JK

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Part Number: JK2021
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Do you wish your JK had Rear Long Arms? This new bracket has been designed to jig into the contours of the JK's factory frame so you can use the same brackets used on the ARTECON. The bracket is strong and has a structure of boxed 1/4 inch and it has been designed to protect the joint of impact with the integrated skid plate.

It comes with brackets for both the driver and the passenger's side. The LCA brackets from the factory have to be removed. It has been designed so it can be used with either a long arm radius style link or the 3 link system. For accurate placement, the contours fit the JK frame hence you do not have to keep wondering if you have placed them in the correct location.

It has 2.625 inch mounting width and a 9/16inch bolt hole for the cartridge joints that are common sized. For rod ends with spacers sized 1.25 inches a larger hole can be drilled. It has been made from a quarter inch boxed steel plate to ensure it is strong and to ensure it is impact resistant. It has grease fitting access on the top so it allows for easy maintenance for the joint. The design has allowed the joint to be mounted in a way the grease fitting is up.

It has a skid plate at the bottom of the brackets that wraps around the joint and therefore protecting it for direct impact and it reduces chances of premature wear at the joint. The skid plate however does not restrict movement of the joint.

It has tapered sides that means the brackets slide less on the rocks. The brackets style gives it a unique style.

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