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Artec Industries Solid Front Inner Fenders - JK

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Part Number: JK2107
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Artec Industries is excited to announce our new JK Front Inner Fenders. These aluminum fenders not only protect your engine compartment from dirt and debris but do it in style. Our proprietary process of stamping our logo not only adds an additional element of style not seen in the industry but also increases the rigidity of the whole inner fender. All this at a PHENOMENAL PRICE and manufactured in-house which means its MADE IN THE USA!


Proprietary A-blade stamping process for increased rigidity and mackdaddy status

Lightweight 1/16" Aluminum construction

CNC laser cut and CNC bent for precise fit

Can easily be trimmed for use with coilovers or bumpstops

Can be used with Artec Nighthawk Fenders and most any other aftermarket fender*

Not compatible with OEM fenders

Allows use of larger tires

Two piece construction for lower cost of shipping

Pressed PEM nuts on seam between pieces for easy installation

Shipped bare aluminum for decreased cost and ability for you to paint or powdercoat to fit your style**

*Mounts to OEM holes on sub-frame plus additional holes to be drilled. See instructions for hole locations to determine if modification will be necessary to install with aftermarket fenders.

**While aluminum is corrosion resistant, it is recommended to have some type of coating for long term corrosion protection.

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