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Artec Industries Sway Bar Endlink Frame Bracket

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Part Number: BR1009
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Provide more stability and a greater fit when you attach the Artec Industries Sway Bar Endlink Frame Bracket to your off-road vehicle. The Endlink Frame Brackets are easy to weld, making installation quicker and the smaller section that attaches to the vehicle frame provides a better look on the vehicle. The frame brackets are well designed and can be customized to fit the individual vehicle properly. The Artec Industries frame brackets are designed to add to the appearance of the vehicle instead of just being utilitarian in nature. The brackets have been manufactured to look as if they are original parts of the vehicle rather than being an add on. This gives the vehicle a more uniform appearance.

The Artec Industries frame bracket features a 2.625" mounting width and include a 9/16" bolt hole. The frame bracket is made from 1/4 inch thick boxed steel plate and includes greased fittings that make maintaining the joints easier. The skid plates on the bottom of the frame bracket are designed to help protect from direct impact and reduces premature wear. The brackets have been meticulously crafted to match the original parts of the vehicle. The L-shaped inner tabs produce a higher strength and holes have been drilled through the frame brackets to allow for running vehicle electrical wiring and other components. The brackets are designed with greater clearance to make it easier to adjust locking nuts and it includes adjustable width lower mounts.

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