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Artec Industries Tracbar Bracket Rear - JK

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Part Number: JK4426
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The Artec Industries Rear Trackbar Brackets are responsible for a few jobs. First they improve the overall quality of your outdoor experience by enduring serious abuse by replacing your factory weak JK rear trackbar brackets, but they also stabilize the suspension geometry between the front and rear trackbars.

Please note that this bracket offers several raised trackbar holes. Every lift is different, and some trial and error may be experienced to find the ideal ride to your liking.
More importantly, these brackets are not bolt-on. They are weld-on. So please have an experienced welder, or fabrication specialist perform the installation of these brackets. Artex industries will not be liable for any negligible installation.

Other features include:
1/4" mild steel. Precision CNC cut, and bent for great fitment.
Replaces factory bracket for those with 2.0" lift or higher.
Adjusts roll center higher for greater stability
Improves ground clearance over factory brackets.

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