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Baja Designs LP9 Pro Driving/Combo LED Light

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A design that was inspired by Baja Designs " legendary 8" La Paz HID; The LP9 features modern styling and performance, with some of the most advanced LED technologies available today.

The LP9 utilizes 9 forward projecting LEDS to produce 11,025 Lumens at 105 watts, and 6 LEDs for Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) which produce 1,140 lumens at 10.5 watts per side. The IPT provides an incredible 200degrees spread of usable light.

The housing was designed to provide exceptional heat dispersion by using Direct Ducted Cooling, which allows air to travel from the front of the housing to the rear. With a day-time running light, low, and high-power mode, the LP9 will fulfill all your lighting needs.

Available in a standard model that is perfect for a wide range of off-road use, as well as a Racer Edition configuration that is designed for the demands of high speed driving. The Racer Edition has similar power draw, but produces a much tighter pattern, providing higher visibility at greater distances. Both models feature uService technology, which allows customers to change the lens pattern and color depending on driving conditions, or simply when they want to refresh the lens.

Forward Projecting Lumens:11,025 Utilizing 9 LEDs
Forward Projecting Wattage/Amps: 105W / 7.6A

IPT Lumens:2,280 Utilizing 6 LEDs
IPTWattage/Amps:21W / 1.52A
Dimensions:8" Diameter/ 3.25" Depth
LED Life Expectancy:49,930 Hours
Front Lens:Hardcoated Polycarbonate
Housing:Hard Anodized Machined Aluminum
Bezel:Billet Machined Aluminum
Hardware & Bracket Material:Stainless Steel
Exceeds MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing)
Built-In Overvoltage Protection
IP69K (Waterproof up to 9ft & Pressure Washable)

IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing)

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