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Baja Designs LP9/LP6 Pro Wiring Harness

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Part Number: 640172
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This harness is all you will need to in order to get full versatility and functionality from your LP9 / LP6 lights!
The Baja Designs LP9 / LP6 Pro Harness Includes:

  • Wiring harness with plug and play Deutsch style connectors
  • Built-in splitter to power two LP9 Lights
  • Large automotive style ring terminals
  • 3-position, 30amp DC Rated, DPDT, On-Off-On Switch to operate high and low beam independently
  • Extra wire lead with splice connector to operate amber daytime running light (DRL)
  • 20A/40A Relay and 30 amp inline fuse
  • 12-foot length for battery to instrument cluster
  • 15-foot length for instrument cluster to light mounting location

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