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Bestop HighRock 4x4 High Access Front Bumper Matte - TJ

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If your off-road vehicle is setup with the latest in suspension, tires, and armor, then you're ready to top it off with the Bestop Highrock4x4 High Access Front Bumper This bumper has been designed to provide users with the best articulation and approach angles to get you around and over the most challenging of obstacles. This front bumper has been fabricated from high-grade 3/16" laser-cut steeland has a super durable matte black E-coat powder-coated finish to resist the elements of the outdoors.

Furthermore, this front bumper features heavy-duty D-Ring tabs and there is a provision for the optional approach roller. Additionally, the High Access Front Bumper comes with provisions to allow users to install their choice of tubular grill guard.

In conclusion, if you love to spend weekends on rugged trails, or even if you live in an area where you must have an off-road vehicle, then add more reinforcement to the front end with theBestop Highrock4x4 High Access Front Bumper.

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