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EVO Manufacturing 4.5in Enforcer Stage 3 PLUS Lift Kit w/ Bilstein Shocks - JL

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The EVO MFG 4.5" JL Enforcer Lift Suspension Systems lift your 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL 4.5"s. Our main goal in developing this kit was to give a smooth ride on and off road while giving additional lift with increased performance.  The JL Enforcer kits are specifically designed to lift your JL and maintain compliant spring rate, smooth ride quality with the use of your choice of aftermarket 4.5" lift shocks. These kits come with a set of 4.5" Plush Ride Lift springs specific to each corner which will keep the Jeep Wrangler JL Level side to side and will maintain a unique and compliant ride quality. EVO MFG JL Enforcer kits are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs and budget and are up gradable down the road. These Enforcer kits will fit up to a 38+" tires on Rubicon Model JLs or 36+" tires on Sahara and Sport/S (some trimming or bump stop adjustment may be required to clear larger sizes)

The EVO MFG 4.5" JL Enforcer Kits are easy to install using normal tools. No drilling or cutting (optional rear shock extensions require one minor drill). They require no driveshaft or exhaust modifications (your shock choice may require this, contact manufacturer to be sure). Simple Bolt on installation.

4.5" lift is based on increase of a 4 Door Rubicon.  4 Door Sport and Sahara Models will see slightly higher increases over stock and will match overall lift height of a Rubicon Model.  2 Door Models (all) will see slightly higher increases in lift.  Increases will vary across all models and equipment.

The difference with EVO MFG Enforcer Overland systems vs EVO MFG Enforcer systems is the use of front Overland Control Arm Brackets.  When lifting your vehicle your control arms at ride height have a steeper angle towards the floor which can have some negative effect/chop in ride quality.  With the use of the included Overland Control Arm brackets we relocate the front control arm mounting locations at the frame.  In doing this when lifted we maintain factory flatter control arm angles and while minimal, we alleviate much of the chop associated with lifting a Jeep giving even better and more improved ride quality.  Also, in the use of Overland Drop Brackets we are able to engineer more performance into the front suspension to improve braking and driveline angles through suspension cycle.  Both kits drive very well, the Overland Kits are better suited for less hard off-road crawling and more light off road and on road use.

Stage 1 kits includes all the minimum necessary parts to lift your JL 4.5"s.  (Upgrade kit only, not complete for 4.5" lift)

Stage 2 kits includes Stage 1 components as well as EVO MFG Enforcer JL Front Lower Adjustable Control Arms to allow for caster adjustments.

Stage 3 Kits includes stage 2 components as well as EVO MFG Enforcer rear upper adjustable control arms for rear pinion angle adjustment

Stage 4 kits includes stages 1 components with all 8 EVO MFG Enforcer control arms for full front and rear axle adjustments.

Extended aftermarket shocks are required on 3.5" Lift Kits and may or may be include with selected kits.

    * "K" kits include a set of EVO SPEC King 2.5" Remote Reservoir King Shocks

    * "K2" Kits include a set of EVO SPEC King 2.0 Smooth Body Shocks

    * "BIL" Kits include a set of Bilstein 5100 Shocks.

Front aftermarket driveshaft is not required when equipped with grouped shocks above.

     *Front and rear adjustable trackbars are included with PLUS "P" kits.  Required on 4.5" Kits

Note:  Depending on actual tire variances and sizes, Some minor factory inner liner plastic/fender may need to trimmed/removed to fully clear some tires under compression.  Backspacing adjustments and/our aftermarket wheels with smaller backspacing is required.

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