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EVO Manufacturing 4.5in High Clearance Long Arm Suspension Kit w/ King 2.5 Shocks - JL 4Dr

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Through specificallydesigned bracketry we accomplish the ultimate in suspension and chassisclearance, larger wheel travel ability, optimal suspension geometry withincreased ride quality. Clearance, ride quality, performance and ease of installation was ourfocus in creating this long arm suspension system. The front arms mounttucked up inside nearly flush with the bottom of the frame mountinginches above the stock front lower mounting bracket. The rear mountinglocations for the long arm are on the side of the frame, above thebottom giving inches of clearance over the factory locations as well.Keeping optimal geometry while maintaining as much clearance wascritical in the design of this system. In doing so, not only did weraise the rear control above the frame, but we raised its mounting at therear axle by multiple inches as well. This allows for an incredibleground clearance increase but just as importantly retaining flat andoptimal control arm angles giving ideal ground clearance, smooth ridequality and long travel ability. The mounting brackets are specifically designed to require no exhaustcutting on 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JLU 's (minor grind/clearance to flangerequired) and have full length hard-face mounting surfaces that weld toyour frame giving redundant and ample welding area and strength to theirmounting.

The mounting brackets align to the frame simply usingexisting factory holes giving complete assurance of proper locatingduring install. Simply bolt brackets up to frame with existing hardwareand weld them in place. These kits come with a set of 4.5" Plush Ride Lift springs specific to each corner which will keep the Jeep Wrangler JLU more level side to side and will maintain a unique and compliant ride quality. EVO MFG Long Arm joints feature Johnny Joints on both ends of thecontrol arms for restriction free articulation and motion with nowearable and limited bond rubber. All long arms come complete with EVO1on vehicle adjuster making alignment a snap allowing for the ability toadjust control arm lengths while completely installed on the vehicle. All EVO MFG lower long arms are built with strength in mind. These arms are made from industry leading 2.0" x .281" wall Steel DOMTubing. Include in these kits is front brake line extension brackets, Rear swaybar endlinks and front and bumpstop extensions. Cutting, grinding and welding of frame brackets required. The EVO MFG 3.5" High Clearance Long Arm kits require no driveshaft or exhaust modifications (your shock choice may require this, contact manufacturer to be sure). Option of retaining factory shocks, maintaining wheel travel with use of shock extensions (part number EXT kits) or without shock extensions to allow for use of your choice of aftermarket 3/5" lift shocks. EVO3015K kits come with EVO SPEC King 2.5" Remote Reservoir shocks all 4 corners. 3.5" lift is based on increase of our 4 Door Rubicon. 4 Door Sport and Sahara Models will see slightly higher increases over stock and will match overall lift height of a Rubicon Model. 2 Door Models (all) will see slightly higher increases in lift. Increases will vary.

Note:Depending on actual tire variances and sizes, some minor factoryinner liner plastic may need to trimmed/removed to fully clear some tiresunder compression. These kits require wheel spacers or aftermarket wheels with smaller backspacing. Front and rear adjustable trackbars are included with PLUS "P" kits.

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