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EVO Manufacturing Bomber Rockers, Bare - JL 4Dr

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The rocker panel on the JLU is arguably the most vulnerable area totrail damage on the JLU and therefore adding additional protection tothis area is a must for most off roaders. Additionally, adding a flatarea to ease in entering and exiting your lifted JLU is commonly apriority. The EVO MFG JLU Bomber Rockers are intended to do just that.With their sleek design and 3/16" steel construction, these offerincreased protection to the rocker area on your JLU and have a nice flattop to be used as a step if needed to get in and out of the vehicle.They mount without drilling or cutting to the 3 large lower body mountsand additionally with gusseted mounts at the front, middle and rearsection of the body seams. The ends are cropped specifically to clear40"+ tires without interference. The underside remains close to bodygiving great clearance and are cut with multiple access holes to aid in
installation as well as allow easy cleaning of mud and debris. TheseBomber Rockers are simple to install by novice installers toprofessionals with normal tool sets. Stainless steel and zinc platedhardware is included to complete installation. The EVO MFG JLU Bomber Rockers come in Bare steel ready for powdercoating or painting any color you choose. These can be optionally
installed with EVO MFG Rocker Skin panels for added strength, protectionand color coding if desired. (EVO907 Sold Separately).

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