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EVO Manufacturing D44 Front Axle Truss - JT/JL

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The EVO MFG JT/JL Dana 44 ProTek Front Axle Truss is specifically designed to give your front axle ample strength to prevent deflection and support the brittle FAD/CAD casting that is integrated into the front axle and prone to failure. The included ¼” steel differential bridge connects left and right truss sections over cast differential center section giving a extremely strong one piece integrated truss system covering the entire axle end to end. This product is manufactured from 1/4” Laser cut steel and CNC press brake formed in strong one piece sections that minimize excess heat and weld shrinkage. Less heat, less warping, easier and faster install. This Truss kit fits both JL and JLU Rubicon Front Dana 44 M210 Advantec Front Axle along with the JT Gladiator.

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