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EVO Manufacturing Enforcer Lift Kit w/ Plush Springs 4in - JK

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The Evo Manufacturing JK 4 Inch Lift Kit has met the criteria of designing a suspension system that is effective in both rigorous off-road conditions, as well as regular commuting. The end result is a suspension kit that is reliable, functional, and that is cost effective for those who enjoy adventures on their weekends, but need to get to work on time come Monday morning.

The Evo Manufacturing Plush Coils provide a smooth ride, and a 4" lift will be achieved. The front adjuster lower control arms will correct the caster angle, and the rear roll center correction will be provided from the trackbar bracket. This will stabilize, and improve the steering.

Also included are stainless steel brake lines, and front and rear bump stop extensions that will allow you to clear 37" tires. The hardware will be supplied with this kit for a complete and ready installation.

Extra Notes:
Cutting and grinding is required to complete the installation of the rear roll center correction trackbar bracket.
Wheel spacers, or aftermarket wheels are required for a complete installation.
Aftermarket CV drivelines are recommended.

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