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EVO Manufacturing HD Swaybar Endlinks 5.5

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Part Number: 1036-5.5
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Going off road can be great. You've got your lift and fat tires on, but you want to ensure you don't put pressure on factory OEM parts that may break down or wear thin. When you need new Sway Bar End Links, buy them from EVO, a company that specializes in Jeep products so you don't have to rely on the factory version.


EVO Sway Bar End Links are designed to give you all the support your vehicle needs. Made with a sturdy hex bar, the links can be adjusted to increase their length. They include .5 inch lined rod ends (Teflon, studded), a 3/4 linkage hex bar and all of the hardware for installation. These links come sold in sets of 2 per order.

Note: Buy a larger size if the necessary link measurement is within the gap of the aforementioned description.

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