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EVO Manufacturing High Clearance PRO Long Arm Kit - JL 4dr

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When combining our JL High Clearance Long Arm kit with the EVO MFG JL Front and Rear NV2514 Coilover kits we create the High Clearance Long Arm PRO. This combination of improved suspension geometry through the EVO MFG High Clearance Long Arm and increased shock travel through our JL Bolt-on NV2514 coilovers, allows you to un-limit the kit and run full shock length yielding 14.5" front wheel travel and 14" rear wheel travel. Suspension cycling the most properly tuned wheel travel is the name of the game.

Starting in the front with wide openings, high engine accessorial mounts and outboard shocks we found the ideal location. By placing the shock upper mount up and rearward of its factory location, we are able to tuck the shock in close to the frame keeping it further away from tire which allows for more tire clearance and less backspacing requirements, but also allowing for a longer shock, more actual wheel travel and even lower minimum lift heights. We then involved King Shock Technology and their engineers to build a custom length 2.5" Diameter long travel remote reservoir coilover to maximize travel and lift height. The high tucked in bracketry and custom long travel coilover produces the ultimate bolt on front coilover kit available. With the same philosophy in mind as the front, we set out to build the most high performance rear coilover kit for the JL. We took the outboard mounting to whole new level but reinforcing both upper and lower mounts keeping the shocks slight reward mounting, optimizing travel without sacrificing the motion ratio. We, with the aid of King Shock Technologies built a custom length specifically valved and tuned 2.5" Diameter long travel remote reservoir coilover to maximize travel and lift height. The JL Enforcer Kits achieve 1 1.5" of wheel travel with only 3-5" (lift height is adjustable) of lift and most setups will require a backspacing of 4.5" or smaller on Rubicon model JLs (Sahara/Sport 3.75" or smaller). Necessary equipment included to convert including brake line provisions, bump stop extensions, swaybar end links and hardware. All Bracketry is laser cut, CNC press brake formed and fixtured welded for great fitment.

The EVO MFG JLU High Clearance Long Arm portion of the PRO kit through specifically designed bracketry allows for ultimate in suspension and chassis clearance, full coilover travel ability, optimal suspension geometry with increased ride quality. Clearance, ride quality, performance and ease of installation was our focus in creating this long arm suspension system. The front arms mount tucked up inside nearly flush with the bottom of the frame mounting inches above the stock front lower mounting bracket. The rear mounting locations for the long arm are on the side of the frame, above the bottom giving inches of clearance over the factory locations as well. Keeping optimal geometry while maintaining as much clearance was critical in the design of this system. In doing so, not only did we raise the rear control above the frame, but we raised its mounting at the rear axle by multiple inches as well. This allows for an incredible ground clearance increase but just as importantly retaining flat and optimal control arm angles giving ideal ground clearance, smooth ride quality and long travel ability. The mounting brackets are specifically designed to require no exhaust cutting on 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JLU 's and have full length hard-face mounting surfaces that weld to your frame giving redundant and ample welding area and strength to their mounting. The mounting brackets align to the frame simply using existing factory holes giving complete assurance of proper locating during install. Simply bolt brackets up to frame with existing hardware and weld them in place. EVO MFG Long Arm joints feature Johnny Joints on both ends of the control arms for restriction free articulation and motion with no wearable and limited bond rubber. All long arms come complete with EVO1 on vehicle adjuster making alignment a snap allowing for the ability to adjust control arm lengths while completely installed on the vehicle at all times. All EVO MFG lower long arms are built with strength in mind. These arms are made from industry leading 2.0" x .281" wall Steel DOM Tubing. High Clearance Long Arm Kits currently compatible on 4 Door JLUs only. Cutting and Welding required.

Aftermarket front driveshaft and front adjustable trackbar is required (not included).

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