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EVO Manufacturing HnT (High And Tight) Rear Bumper - JK

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When out on the trail or in the rocks, clearance and departure can mean make or break on certain obstacles. Just a few extra inches can be all it takes to get hung up, stuck or damaged. The EVO MFG JK/JKU HnT Rear Bumper gives you the clearance, body coverage and confidence to take on some of the steepest ledges with decreased concern. To achieve these advantages, we trim down the rear frame overhang by 4.25" and up by 2". This yields an additional 10 degrees of departure angle over factory rear bumpers while still maintaining complete rear body coverage. The bumper contours the bodylines of your JK keeping a clean finished look with minimal overhang. To maintain frame rigidity, included is a bolt-in replacement frame cross member which aids in keeping the frame strong and true. This high and tight rear bumper requires no welding and is bolt-on. For strength, the bumper is made from laser cut 3/16" steel, CNC press brake formed and fully fixture welded. It features 2 D-ring shackle tabs (for 7/8" or smaller shackles) that are3/4" Steel and are tapered for clearance. Notes: This product requires cutting of the frame, including permanent removal of the rear cross member and factory hitch receiver. This product will not work with the EVO MFG Rear Double Throwdown (EVO-1008). Round holes precut to appropriate size to fit 2 ½" grommet LED lights.

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