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EVO Manufacturing Oil Pan Skid - JK 2007-11

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Your oil pan is probably the most vulnerable item on your vehicle especially if you plan on going into rough terrains, or if you plan on experiencing extreme articulations. If you puncture your oil pan while on the trail, you risk losing your oil within seconds, then your engine will completely seize due to oil starvation.

The Evo MFG ProTek Oil Pan Skid has been designed to offer you as much best oil pan protection as possible. These feature a ¼ inch steel skid which is fully boxed for protection on all sides. This oil pan skid is also 100% bolt-on with full access to the factory drain plug so you don't have to remove the skid.

These are confirmed to fit both the manual, as well as the automatic transmission, and weighs a total of 13lbs.

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