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EVO Manufacturing Pro Series Boatside Bombers - JK 4DR

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If you're looking to provide your rocker panels with the ultimate in protection, then you may want to consider the Evo Manufacturing Pro Series Boat Bombers. Evo Manufacturing has created these armored components to protect the exterior of your valued vehicle to keep the lower chassis in good condition for years to come. The Boatside Bombers are fabricated from 3/16" Laser Cut Steel, and have been precision CNC Press Brake formed. This is a 2-piece design that will mount on the body on the upper half with nutsert fasteners, along with the existing lower body mount bolts located on the underside of your body.

The Boatside Bombers will come in a raw steel finish to give the user the option of paint matching, or powder-coating to their liking.

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