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EVO Manufacturing ProTeck Dana 44 Axle Armor Kit Front - JK

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The axle at the front is normally very prone to bending and has to be replaced and this is an expensive affair. It has been manufactured from 3/16 inch steel that is laser cut and CNC brake that for one piece sections and they minimize excess heat and also weld shrinkage and this ensures that the axle is strong once installed. With less heat there is lesser chance of axle wrapping and they are easily installed. It has a 3/16 inch steel backbone that is integrated trough the center of the main tuss and this collectively adds to the 9/16 inch total backbone bracing.

So as to connect the right and the left truss there is a secondary 1/4inch steel differential bridge that is over the cast and this gives a very strong one piece integrated truss system that covers the entire axle from one end to the other. With the differential bridge there is no need to weld on to the casting that normally require specialty welding process to offer proper adhesion.

The kit will come complete with EVO MFG C2 Axle Gussets and also EVO MFG ProTek Front Axle Truss that will complete the axle end. To complete the kit there is the EVO MFG Front Control Arm Skids that usually protect the control arm joints and prevent tearing.

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