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EVO Manufacturing Rear Armor No Flare Builder Kit - JK 4DR

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If you are looking for rear steel plate fenders, without flares to protect the JK';s stock body panels from dents and scratches that can occur while on a difficult trail, then these EVO-Armor rear steel plate fenders are just what you need! The life of your JK will be extended and the body protected with these EVO-Armor steel plate fenders.

Unlike the factory fender that tends to distort and bend with a stationary obstacle such as a rock or tree, the EVO-Armor steel plate fenders strongly hold firm and slide across the stationary surface allowing the vehicle to continue to move forward without major body damage occurring. The laser-cut signature Off Road Evolution skull logo in the front fender sides and the rear fenders provide rounded edges for better body protection and also provide more classic Jeep body lines for the JK. Generally, the EVO-Armor steel plate fenders are designed all types of trails, and due to the wider wheel openings the fenders will accommodate oversize tires with a smaller sized lift. The steel plate fenders also possess cut-outs for the radio antenna and gas filler.

In addition to the already stated quality and great off-road endurance of the EVO-Armor Steel plate fenders, the additional features make purchase of these fenders more economical, practical and will provide more years of use than the factory fenders:

• The EVO-Armor Steel fenders are 3/16-inch laser-cut steel plate 

• Bolt-on installation capability for 4-door and 2-door JKs using the provided Nut-serts and hardware

• Front flare of 7 to 8 inches of tire coverage tapered toward the front for narrower vehicle approach

• Rear flare of 6 inches which is ample room for a 40 x 13.50 inch or larger tire

• The EVO-Armor steel plate fenders extend the JK';s life by protecting the body from ugly dents and scratches

• Ships unfinished so they can be paint-matched to your vehicle

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