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EVO Manufacturing Rear Bolt-On Coilover Kit - Black - JT

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The EVO MFG Rear Gladiator Bolt On Coilover Kit is the most well rounded suspension upgrade when looking for the best ride quality when driving on the road, where most driving takes place, and greatly improving off-road performance for weekend wheeling your favorite trails.


The EVO MFG JT Rear Bolt On Coilover kit is the perfect upgrade for a vehicle with a preexisting lift kit but wants a high performance suspension system specifically prepared for a balance of on and off road comfort and wheel travel.

All bracketry is precision laser cut from 3/16" steel and CNC press brake formed for optimum precision and installer fitment.

The proprietary shock package built by King Shock Technologies are specifically tailored, tuned and tested for the Jeep Gladiator, giving the vehicle a comfortable feel on the road, making this suspension kit compatible for a daily driver and weekend wheeler.

Off-road, the EVO MFG Rear Coilover Suspension Kit provides the ability to wheel comfortably on advanced terrain while keeping the controlled and performance-oriented ride EVO MFG is known for.

The EVO MFG Rear Bolt On Coilover Kit offers adjustable ride height without the need for changing, adding or removing any parts, allowing for a varying lift height of roughly 3 inches to 5 inches.

Final Thoughts:

The engineers at EVO MFG made sure to create something that could be assembled by someone with knowledge of standard tools, making it possible to complete installation by an experienced, mechanically inclined individualat home during the weekend.

EVO MFG Proprietary Coilovers are the prime shock/spring setup when looking for all around comfort with additional offroad performance.

The Rear Coilover Suspension system includes, specific versions of brake lines, bumpstops, trackbar bracket and all required hardware along with the addition of custom shock reinforcement brackets.

When purchasing any EVO MFG product there is peace of mind knowing the quality, strength and capability will be able to tackle the trail of your dreams while still being able to drive the Jeep home comfortably.


< 4.5" backspacing wheels

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