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EVO Manufacturing Rocksliders Low Angle Step - JK 2dr

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Part Number: 1048-2DSTEP
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The Evo Manufacturing Rocksliders have been crafted from 3/16" laser - cut steel plate, and 1.75OD X .120 DOM tubing. These have been designed to protect the sides, as well as the underbody of your vehicle from harmful elements such as large rocks, and tree stumps.

Additionally since these Rocksliders can support the weight of the vehicle, they can be utilized as a hacking point for a hi-lift jack.This particular Rockslider set has been designed for the 2 door model, and it is low-profile, so they wont cause clearance issues.

Please note that this is a weld-on product, so please source a professional welder, or fabrication specialist to assume installation.

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