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FOX 2.0 Performance Series Racing ATS Steering Stabilizer - JK

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Part Number: 983-02-070
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The Fox Performance Series Adjustable Through Shaft (ATS) steering stabilizer offers abundant steering control, and tames unwanted steering forces in both directions. This unit replaces your conventional stabilizers, and it will also respond to your input with 24 clicks of external adjustment to fine tune the feel. The integrated reservoir allows for additional fluid capacity, and improves cooling under extreme conditions.

Also included is FOX's relocating hardware that moves the steering stabilizer up, and out of the way utilizing a new track bar relocation bolt and tie-rod mounting clamp.

Please note that if installing the stabilizer on 2012 and newer models with stock suspension or with less than a 2.5" lift and aftermarket 1 1/4" bump stop extension; the stabilizer reservoir must be rotated for clearance. Loosen pinch bolt on L-bracket between stabilizer and track bar clamp, rotate reservoir approximately 135 degrees down, and toward the rear of the vehicle.

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