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Fox 2.0 Performance Series External Reservoir Shock Rear 0-2in Lift - LJ/TJ

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The Fox 2.0 Performance Series Reservoir Shocks provide the off road enthusiast with optimal performance for both on, and off road use. They feature an external reservoir to separate the shock oil, from high-pressure nitrogen. This is the same technology found on race-proven vehicles that employ Fox Performance Shocks.

The bodies of the shocks are 2" in diameter, and are crafted out of aluminum. 5/8" chrome plated alloy shock shafts operate the internal floating pistons. These are a direct bolt-on high performance shock for those who demand the most out of their suspension. These shocks can be tuned, and are 100% serviceable which allows them to be re-valved, and re-built back to specifications.

Other features include:
Engineered to deliver ultimate performance to provide the driver with great feedback.
Backed by a 1-year limited warranty.
IPF (Internal Floating Piston) separates shock oils from high-pressure nitrogen for protection against suspension fading.
Comes equipped with Nitrile rubber bushings which allow for maximum articulation.
Special formulated hydraulic oils to endure all temperatures.
Remote reservoir can be mounted on the shock tube, or secured to any safe and nearby provisions.
Rear shock for 0-2" of lift

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