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Fox 2.0 Series Universal Shock 12in

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Part Number: 980-24-034-1
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The Fox 2.0 Series Universal Shock 12 inches are smooth body shocks that put the latest shock technology into play in order to completely transform your truck or SUV performance and make it vastly better. The race-proven Fox brand damping control provides you with the most comfortable ride possible on the road and also helps you to enhance your off-road handling so that it is far more predictable even in the toughest of conditions.  These Universal Shocks have a precision-cut impact aluminum body. This allows for a highers cooling capacity and makes these shocks rust-proof. The internal piston also maximizes your performance and sets these shocks apart from the rest.

*NOTE - Due to varying lift heights we always recommend you measure the shock length you need to ensure proper fitment on your application*

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