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Genesis Offroad Dual USB Power Outlet Kit

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Part Number: GEN-171-USB
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Dual USB Power Outlet Genesis Offroad. Easily add an extra couple USB accessory power outlets in your vehicle!

  • Includes a 20 foot long dedicated wire harness with in-line 20 amp fuse
  • The wire harness is completely assembled with heavy duty sealed ring terminals to easily connect to the power and ground bus bars on the Genesis dual battery kit
  • Perfect solution for charging mobile devices from your aux battery while the engine is off
  • Charge any USB device from your second battery, without draining your cranking battery
  • Waterproof cap allows you to install it anywhere - even in wet environments
  • This kit can also be used on vehicles with a single battery to give you a convenient USB charging outlet where you need it
  • Also available with a standard 12V outlet for powering a fridge
  • Universal Application
  • Sold As A Kit

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