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Genesis Offroad G Screen Dual Battery Monitoring System

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Part Number: GEN-140-GS
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The Genesis Off Road G Screen Dual Battery Monitoring System has been designed to allow users to accurately monitor the welfare and voltage of their battery.

This system features a remote status indicator that shows if the batteries have been connected, or disconnected.

A remote boost button will allow users to jump start the engine from inside the cab.

You can monitor the status of the battery as the background will change color to visually show the battery status. Green shows both batteries are fully charged. Yellow will show that at least one battery is bel;ow 12.7V, and that they are disconnected. And Red will show at least one battery is below 12V.

Finally the background will shut off after 1 minute of inactivity.

Other features include preserving battery power, and the display creates no glare while driving at night. The voltage and status will still be visible even without the back lighting. And of one of the batteries drops below 12V, the screen will flash in red a few times per minute.

Included is a 10.5 " wiring harness for a simple and clean installation. The software is upgradable for future alterations.

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