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Jeep fenders are one of the most vulnerable body components on a Jeep. They are commonly damaged by tires rubbing, rock impacts and sliding into tree's. Poison Spyder Tube Fenders give you the confidence to lock in the 4wd and avoid a crushed fender calamity. Poison Spyder Tube Fenders are constructed from 1.5" X .120 wall DOM tubing in combination with 1/8" steel plate. This durable fusion of steel is welded and ready to rock around the most ominous of trails. A special feature is the rear lower plate that allows tire contact without damaging the fender or tire. Proportional lift and tire combination is still recommended. Tube Fenders will add approximately 1.5" of tire clearance at the back of the wheel well, and 1" of additional clearance above the tire.

Poison Spyder Tube Fenders are also available with Standard Width or Full Width Flares. The Standard Width Flare matches the width of the original factory front flare, approximately 3", and gives a more balanced appearance to Jeeps still running rear tire coverage. The Full Width Flare extends approximately 6" outboard from the Jeep body to provide coverage for wider tires and/or full width axles. Both flare widths can be complemented with rear Poison Spyder Crusher Flares™ or Crusher Corners™ with Crusher Flares™. Extended flares are built from 1.25" DOM tubing and 1/8" plate to match the platform tube fender.

Poison Spyder Tube Fenders use all the factory mounting locations and hardware. In addition, they secure with ¼" stainless button head bolts along the upper pinch weld neatly hidden when the hood is closed. Poison Spyder Tube Fenders utilize the inner wheel well so that relocation of underhood components is unnecessary.