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KC HiLites M-Racks Wire Harness

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The KC M-Racks universal wire harness is an all-in-one wiring solution for your roof-mounted light bar and scene lights. This harness cleans up your messy setup with a clean version designed to fit not only M-Rack equipped vehicles but also provides a solution to other racks as well. Additionally, the wiring will allow you to connect to independent switches in order to control your light bar, left side and right side lights independently!


  • Connect your light bar and up to 4 side lights
  • 2-pole WeatherPack connector by Aptiv (main/forward light)
  • 2-pole Weatherproof Sealed DT Connectors (side lights)
  • Main junction connector can be drilled through the roof or mounted to your rack with provided bracket
  • Ability to independently control front, left and right roof lights

Note:You will need a switch system to operate front and side lights independently

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