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KC Hilites Daylighter LED G6 System, Driving

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The KC HiLites 6” Gravity® LED Daylighter® G6 Pair Pack System is a powerful driving light that increases the area surface lighting coverage for the driver. This lighting system features 2 Cree XML2-T6 10w LEDs which are a competition-proven flexible base which provides easy and accurate aiming. And the G6 lights have a hard-coated polycarbonate lens along with protective and stylish ABS stone guards. 

The housings of the KC HiLites 6” Gravity® LED are the thoroughly tested, and durable Daylighter housings. These lights operate at 20 watts each, and come with a switch, as well as a wire harness.. The heart og the Gravity® LED Daylighters is KC’s patented Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD). The GRD LED technology allows the combination of all the benefits of LED’s such as the lighting efficiency, solid state rigidity, and the digital fabric with the use of optical reflectors. This maximizes the light output while allowing a precise beam pattern shaping. Because of these attributes, the KC Gravity® LED is one of the brightest, and most efficient performance off-road LED light on the market.

Here are additional details:

•    Driving: 2 X Cree XLM2-T6 10W LEDs.
•    Up to 2300 raw lumens per light.
•    Up to 724min beam spot distance.
•    5000k Color temperature
•    9V to 32V, EMI DO 160E compliant
•    6” Round LED light inserts with precision machined reflector optics
•    Patented Gravity® Reflective Diode technology yields more controlled and farther reaching light beams.
•    IP68 Rated, fully self-contained and sealed LED reflector housing

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